Our Menus

From our catering menus to our “Over the Top” and private dining experiences, we make sure every detail is designed to impress and satisfy our clients tastes and cravings. We continually seek out the best local and seasonal produce, meats, and cheeses because we know you can taste the difference!

We work to customize our dishes for the unique preferences of each client. Vegetarian dishes, vegan preparations, and/or dietary restrictions are easily accommodated. In addition, children’s menus, decorations, and novelty foods can all be arranged during your planning process. We look forward to working with you to create the exact menu that you desire.


Spring/Summer 2018 Over the Top Menu


Super Bowl 2018 Menu



Holiday “Over the Top” Menu 2017


Thanksgiving  Menu 2017


Spring/Summer Menu 2017

Angelic Delights Catering - Pool Setting


Spring/Summer “Over the Top” Menu 2017


Fall/Winter 2016 Catering Menu

Image result for apple cider cocktail sugar rim cinnamon stick

Thanksgiving  Menu 2016


Fall/Winter “Over the Top” Menu 2016

Spring/Summer Catering Menu 2016


Fall & Winter Catering Menu


Butlered Brunch Menu

Butlered Brunch

Private Dining “In The Comfort Of Your Home” Menu


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